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It's the day after the election, and I can say I’m doing/experiencing three things: 

1.) Laying in bed watching Parks and Rec, while eating Ben and Jerry’s Empower Mint ice cream

2.) No longer crying, but instead looking to future- getting involved at a local level is the only way to ensure our values and way of life is protected.

3.) Redoing my resume hoping I can travel elsewhere for this 4 year period, contradicting my above statement.

But mostly I’m scared. Last night I cried for the children in Montana, and for the United States. By electing a Superintendent of Public Schools who doesn’t believe in comprehensive sex education, we are teaching children that it is okay to fear a natural process. (Nevada allows an option to opt out of your child receiving this information- it’s not that difficult to create an option like that in Montana.) This same Superintendent rejects the safety and inclusion of transgender students in public K-12 schools. Again, creating an atmosphere of fear. 

I am a white woman who comes from a more privileged place than many others in this country. I fear for my fellow women, who now have to face the potential reduction of rights. Rights that should never be forced from them because of their biology and other’s religious preferences. I have more privilege than others, I am a white woman. My sisters from minorities now face a very fearful period. 

For my LGTBQA friends who have had such a difficult road to earning their due rights. They now face the potential removal of important legislation that was most recently passed LAST YEAR- my LGTBQA friends of color have it worse off. 

I fear for those of religious background that aren't Christians. Fear is no way to unite a country, and ruling under religion isn’t acceptable either.  We need to protect our Muslim friends from the newly born fear. 

I cried for the immigrants who came to our wonderful country for hope and a new start. Instead, they are faced with the knowledge that they aren’t welcome here. (Unless you’re a hot European woman.) 

I fear for the future of our lands, our environment is a victim in our Presidential election. I cried for this last night as well. 

Last night my mom said this to me, “You are a part of history. You will retell this race/election to the next generation.”

 My response was not eloquent, it was written in the heat of the moment, in the furious moments immediately after the result was announced. I voted for Clinton, something I thought I'd never say. My last election I voted for Romney, and yet I am fearful. My boyfriend reminded me that I voted locally, and that makes a larger difference, it's a vote that directly affects me.  It's not my family's fault for starting a discussion, and yet I thought this was what need to be said:

“And I'll them how disappointed I was. The DNC rigged the primaries, we elected a bigot into office. I'm disgusted this is is the face of America, and that our race was so rigged and yet NO ONE CARED. the FBI leaked classified info to a candidate and clearly fears the other enough to create fear based votes. I'm physically ill at the thoughts of all of my friends who immigrated to this country, to my queer friends, and to women who now get to watch as an extremely conservative JOSC is placed into role and opposes all of them.”

Trump is here for the next four years, if you really fear this election, get involved at the local level. Bring your passion to the state level, and  get involved in a country wide project. Do it in any order you want- just don’t stand by and let things happen.

Where in the World: Menorca

Where in the World: Menorca