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Ireland 2016

Ireland 2016

I realized I never made a post about my field school in Ireland- most of my other recent travels have a post dedicated to them. (except for Denver I guess, but I went there for a connecting flight and to look at Graduate programs.) Without further ado:

I participated in "Introduction to Archaeological Survey" at Caherconnell, Ireland. This was a two week school focusing on archaeological survey, archaeological monuments, archaeological landscapes, and archaeological artefacts. Alongside survey, there was dedicated lab work involving artefact survey, from artefact recovery to cataloguing, measuring, photography and illustration.

I spent a little over three weeks there, and visited Galway and Limerick as well as Ennistymon, Lahinch, and our home base Kilfenora.  

I'll attach some pictures of Kilfenora first, you can use the thumbnails and arrows to scroll thru the pictures.

Next I'll put up Ennistymon

Onto Lahinch!

Now for Galway, this was an excursion set out by Caherconnell!!

Limerick and Shannon are next:

Of course, I didn't forget the Caherconnell pictures!

That it! I dumped a lot of pictures in, so feel free to look at them if you want. I LOVED Ireland and am so excited to return this year!

I Bought a New Planner!!

I Bought a New Planner!!