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Academic Goals

Academic Goals

In American Universities, taking four years to finish your degree in normal and expected, yet so many students like myself take five or more years to graduate. In 2018 I will enter my fifth year of University. My first years were blunders, that I have made up for. As I enter my final year of undergrad, I have a few goals for myself. 

 2018 Spring Semester begins on Wednesday the 10th, and I have five goals for the 2018 Academic Year:

1. Maintain a 3.00 Term GPA

Last term my GPA was 3.540, before that my prior two semester were 3.00. Term GPA is different from overall GPA, but I prefer to focus on my term rather than overall. Term is the accumulation of my semester classes, all five of them. I want to maintain a 3.00 at the least, if I can do it for three semester in a row, than two more can’t be too difficult. 

2. Bring my Major GPA up to a 3.00

My major GPA sits at a 2.910 due to three C’s. I’m taking three history classes this semester, and if I maintain good grades, this should be achievable. I will still have six more classes after this semester, with all them being history classes. (I’ll split them up, three in the summer, three in the fall.)

3. Bring my Minor GPA up to a 3.00

I have two more anth classes, both this semester. If I get A’s in both my 2.880 will move to a 3.00. This one shouldn’t be difficult, as both classes interest me, and I enjoy my professors. 

4. Get at least a "B" in all my classes

Obviously, this is a normal goal, no one wants a C or a poor grade. Getting B’s and A’s shows that I have grown academically and take my classes seriously. I’ll be taking four 400 level classes next seamster, and one 300 level. When I become stressed I tend to buckle, and I hope not to do so this semester.

5. Not let school overwhelm me

On top of my five classes, I have an internship and processing work this semester. My classes are Foragers of Sub-Saharan Africa, Health & Healing in Asia, Modern China, Refugees-Public History Wk, and Senior Capstone: Hist Methodology. My internship is with the El Salvador Memory Project, and is only three hours a week. I’ll be doing Zoo-archaeology Processing for ~2/3 hours a week. All of this totals up to 21 hours of school a week, not including homework and extra projects. I hope to maintain balance this semester, as it’s going to be my toughest one yet. After bring 2018, Summer 2018 and Fall 2018 will be a breeze. 

So, that's my 2018 Academic Goals, not including the biggest one of all, GRADUATE!!

I Bought a New Planner!!

I Bought a New Planner!!

Appreciation for 2017

Appreciation for 2017