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I'm a 24 year old exploring Earth. I really love dirt, traveling, and dogs. Here you'll find an area where I discuss my life happenings, and some projects I've worked on.

Guiding Lights

Guiding Lights

I often see my friends writing about things that guide them. Wether it be passion, motivation, Christ, an ideal, there is always something driving them.   

By following such a dear project, they often go places I can only hope to go, have adventures I wish to have. Instead of feeling excitement, I often feel jealous. Why do my friends get to experience this? Why isn't my life that cool? 

This year, I decided to actually appreciate what I have, to feel excited about the adventures my friends embark on, and finally understand the incredible life hand I've been delt. 

This year alone I have been blessed to travel abroad with Dylan, even if it turned out horrible I learned valuable life skills.

i have a job in a ski shop where they value my experiences, and allow me hang out with like minded individuals. Not bad for a college job, in a college town. 

I was able to take off work (thanks Chalet Sports for being so understanding!) and accept an "internship" with WCS 10 out in Oregon. I was even able to work alongside Dylan, an unique experience that was such a blessing. 

I traveled to Moab, to see my family and attend a wedding. I hiked a bit, watched D jump from waterfalls and wasn't worried about a thing. 

I did my archeology field school at Caherconnell in County Clare, Ireland. I was able to learn for three weeks about the discipline I love.  

I have the opportunity to write about my skiing experiences on a large platform, and review gear about a sport I focus my life around. 

So then, why do I find myself at a cross road? I'm taking a year off school to gain residency and realign my academic goals. I love archeology. Especially Ice Patch archeology, I've found my discipline that inspires me to pull better grades, and focus on my final classes. My field school further proved my dedication to this field, digging or documenting. 

On a personal side, I know who I am, I know what I love, and my private life is good. I'm surrounded by the people i want to be around. I have a supportive family, boyfriend, friends. And yet, I'm still lost. This year allows me to travel around to ski, to write, to finally figure out if I can truly succeeded with the degree I'm working at- or if I should have stuck with the safe geography degree even if I'm not as passionate about it. 

Some people say they are guided by lights, perhaps my light reflects of the resting landscape draped in white. My life revolves around snow.  

Snow doesn't revolve around me.  


This upcoming school year will be interesting.  Friends will graduate, others still have time. My brother starts at MSU, I'm not on campus. 

My planner is open, I just have to find how to fill it.  

I broke my laptop- and you can too.

I broke my laptop- and you can too.