I've Been On Tour From '94

I'm a 24 year old exploring Earth. I really love dirt, traveling, and dogs. Here you'll find an area where I discuss my life happenings, and some projects I've worked on.


I turn 21 yesterday. Three days ago I was occupying a booth on the third floor (of the Library, trying to be a good student here) I decided to buy a website domain. I'm an adult, and I want a website. So now I have one.


Welcome to Bozemandaydreams.com

There is nothing here. I'm sorry, but it was in my best interest to scrub the site, start a fresh, and build it with what I originally planned to. Documenting my time in Bozeman, things that catch my eye, the history, and whatever suits my fancy. I'm not the best at writing, but I'll give it a shot.



November Adventures

November Adventures